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Brief Consultation Documentation


Hi [NAME], it’s so good to meet you, I’m glad we are able to connect.

My name is [NAME], I’m one of the Advanced Clinical Fellows at Repose. I also support with our Clinical Intake team, so I will be doing your consultation for today.

We have a few minutes together, and during this call I’m going to ask some questions to make sure I understand what brings you to us, and then at the end we can discuss logistics and I can answer questions you might have.

I see here on your form that you are seeking therapy for [LIST REASONS]. Did I get that right?

Okay, thank you for confirming that. Next, I have a few questions to determine if we can provide the right level of care, since we do not offer crisis support. A simple yes or no is fine.

Okay, thank you for answering those questions. 


Before I go over some logistical information and next steps, do you have any questions for me about Repose? [ANSWER QUESTIONS]

Next Steps



Now, regarding your insurance eligibility and what your insurance offers – Because you are on

Your co-pay per session will be

Your insurance would also cover a membership to Repose Studio, which is our virtual experiential therapy studio that hosts yoga therapy, art therapy, dance therapy, and meditation and breathwork classes. 


Your membership includes access to our on-demand library and educational materials which we will send to you from time to time. Live classes are a therapeutic service which requires a copay. Your copay for group therapy is [SEE ABOVE] since you are on [INSURANCE PLAN].


The studio has a lot to offer, and how we usually get you started is by setting you up with an individual session with a somatic therapist to help you understand the mind-body connection and orient you to the studio. This would be in addition to the work with your primary therapist. 

In order to move forward with Repose, the next step would be to schedule a clinical intake. This is a longer call during which we do a clinical assessment, which will allow us to match you with a therapist, as well as begin to build your treatment plan.


Because this is considered a therapeutic service, you would be responsible for a copay of [COPAY AMOUNT].

If you’re ready to move forward with the clinical intake, I can go ahead and help you schedule an appointment right now.



As far as next steps go, I’m going to consult with the result of the clinical team, and we will get back to you shortly about moving forward. 

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