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Therapeutic Dance Movement with Devika

A creative movement exploration session to facilitate self-discovery.

  • 1 time
  • 125 US dollars
  • via HIPPA compliant Repose Video Software

Beskrivelse af service

A Therapeutic Dance Movement Session uses a somatic approach to further healing and connection to the self through a deepening of conscious connection between body and mind. Connection is the main focus of a therapeutic dance movement session. Together, we can create a space where our bodies get to talk. The body, just like our mind, has its own language and we often forget to let our body follow through on the necessary communication it needs to function. Dancing can be intuitively therapeutic if we allow it to be. Most of us often feel significantly better by dancing at a social event. We don’t walk into these gatherings with the intention of feeling better, but oftentimes, moving to music results in healing. We feel invited to move our bodies when we hear music and when we do, we give our bodies a chance to respond and communicate. This allows us to create a deeper understanding of what our bodies may be holding. Communication is another core tenant. We allow our bodies to oscillate between listening and responding in whichever way feels good at the moment. While I will guide us through some moments of choreographed directives, how you choose to engage with them is completely up to you. The main focus is always you. To listen in session means to turn inward and learn about your desires, your needs, and bring awareness to your mood. To respond in session means to allow the body to physically respond to the inner self in ways that allow for catharsis. Movement becomes a judgment-free, compassionate dialogue between your inner selves. Music is a constant driving force - giving your body the opportunity to unite with others via a shared rhythm. The physical element of therapeutic dance has its advantages - aerobic exercise elevates dopamine and endorphins, and reduces levels of stress anxiety, and depression. The emotional element of therapeutic dance allows us to become more aware and mindful of our mental state and how these feelings manifest in our physical states. It gives us a chance to truly connect with all parts of us. In session, we will intentionally awaken and engage every extremity of our physical selves and our bodies to respond to music in whichever they choose. Remembering every part of ourselves, even the parts we cannot see expands our understanding of ourselves and makes us more whole. We can grow to become more authentically ourselves and find language unaware to us to express ourselves. - Devika Chandnani


Repose Studio has a 24-hour late cancellation policy. Participants who no-show or who cancel within 24 hours of their booked class time will be responsible for a $25 fee. Studio classes can be booked up to 1 hour before class time. If you need to cancel within 24 hours of your booked class, please email Otherwise, you can cancel your class under “My Bookings,” which can be accessed by clicking your membership profile in the top left corner of the webpage. In accordance with our cancellation policy, clients are responsible for full payment of any group therapy workshop or individual therapy sessions not cancelled at least 48 hours in advance of a scheduled session start time. If you purchased a session package, a no-show or late cancellation will count as one used session. Events and workshops are subject to their own cancellation policies. Thank you for respecting the time that has been reserved for you. 



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